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Happy New Dreams. Happy New Days. Happy New Desires. Happy New Ways. Happy New Year!

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new years 2022

Greetings from Jennifer L Dale, president-Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing!

While I may not be the first to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR – I wish you nothing but great dreams, hopes, peace, health, and happiness in 2022! I know I am looking forward to a fresh start and new beginnings. Speaking of new….there are many great NEW things happening in 2022 with MSHPM and I wanted to make sure you were aware of them so you could plan on participating. Here are a few tid-bits, updates and announcements to start the new year


We held the election of officers at the end of 2021. Congratulations and thank you to our 2022 leadership:

  • Jennifer Dale, president
  • Jessica Springer, vice-president
  • Larry Daly, secretary
  • Clark Ramsey, treasurer

These talented individuals along with committee leaders will be guiding and focusing new endeavors and projects to enhance membership, provide valuable resources, and guide the future of our chapter. I am honored to serve alongside them and look forward to a terrific year!


Our vice-president, Jessica is also chair of the programming committee and has a tremendous calendar of events scheduled for 2022. I can give you a sneak peak and taste of upcoming events and activities Jessica and her committee have planned such as: Lunch & Learns, regional (across state lines) networking opportunities & workshops and some terrific and ground-breaking new programs and opportunities. While we are being very safe and cautious of the pandemic that continues in our lives, it is our hope to have some of these events in-person; something that everyone wants to safely happen!

State Conference

We are planning our State Conference to continue in 2022, and we are planning it to be in-person! Save the Date for Thursday October 20 at Lansing Community College. Look for more announcements and information as we get closer!

Website & Social Media

We are so excited and appreciative to all the behind-the scenes work our communications committee members have been doing on our website over the last few months. We will be relaunching the site in the coming weeks! In the meantime, you can visit our current site ( ). Also please be sure you’re following, liking and sharing the MSHPM pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Membership Dues

Just like everything else that is happening around us it is time for a bit of change… in our membership pricing-something we haven’t done in many years! Effective February 1, 2022 we will be increasing our annual dues to $100 (from $75). But…..if you renew your membership NOW you can still renew (regardless of your expiration date) at the $75 rate! Remember your membership is an annual term, so if you renew now at $75 you won’t have to worry about renewing again until January 2023. Membership benefits include: Annual Conference with national speakers and breakout sessions, Fall Regional Meetings with speakers with Q&A opportunities, Access to free webinars, Access to additional educational presentations and materials, Members-only benefits of belonging to SHSMD, Ability to network with other Healthcare professionals throughout the state and connect via our membership directory, and Access to industry-related job postings. Student memberships will remain the same ($25 annually).

Thank you

A huge and grateful THANKS goes to our Chapter Administrator Michelle! She is the dedicated and pleasant face and personality who makes our Chapter run smoothly in front and behind the scenes. Many of you know her from the email address ( that she often try’s to hide behind. If you get the chance to interact with her, see her or work with her as much of the chapter leaders do you know just how lucky we are to have her be a part of MSHPM. Thank you for absolutely everything you do Michelle!

I look forward to serving as your president and leader throughout this exciting year ahead! Together as we all look ahead to brighter, safer, healthier days I hope ALL your days are happy and spent with people you love and care for and about, and each day brings you peace, joy and happiness! I look forward to a spectacular 2022 as your president and am looking forward even more to meeting you (in person) and working together to make 2022 a fantastic year!!!

If you have any questions, have any great ideas, thoughts or ideas you want to share, need any assistance or just want to say HI, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Be Well, Be Present and above all Be Happy
—Jennifer L Dale

President, Michigan Society for Healthcare Planning & Marketing

Director of Development & Communications, Angela’s Hospice