Many Thanks

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Late November is a time when we all hope to slow down a bit after the busy start to the “school year” and the full swing of fall in healthcare, which is always extremely fast-paced in my organization. In marketing and communications, we receive less requests between Thanksgiving and the December holidays, so we get a chance to catch up a bit. It’s a good time to reflect and give thanks.

I am thankful for many things. A few years ago, when the number of requests asked of me was speeding up again, instead of allowing myself to be overwhelmed, I decided to say “yes” to everything. This only works if one has a great team to work with, and I blessed with several.

Many thanks to our executive team at MSHPM and our entire board of directors. We are all volunteers with a passion to bring education, networking opportunities, and mentorship to healthcare marketing, communications, and strategic planning professionals in Michigan. Thank you for all the time you contribute to make this organization great!

Thank you to Michelle O’Donnell, our administrator, who keeps the work of MSHPM on track and running. It was a blessing to have her join our team a few years ago, and it has made a world of difference. Michelle serves as communications expert, office manager, events coordinator, and historian and she has become indispensable to us all.

And finally thank you to our members. We are currently the largest SHSMD (Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, member of the American Hospital Association) affiliate in the nation at about 100 members. We look forward to continuing making the benefits of SHSMD available to our MSHPM members.

megan yore mshpm presidentHave a wonderful holiday season!

Megan Yore
President, MSHPM